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Azores Casa Hawaii

The greenest, lushest, most isolated and untouched part of the Sao Miguel island.

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Azores Casa Hawaii
The Luxory Bungalow in Nordeste
free standing & detached

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The small banana jungle-view right front of your 15m2 porch, every morning. Banana & charming church & mountains & ocean views. In the nightime having a glass of wine & talking & you can see the Moon and stars from Azores Casa Hawaii.

15 m2 - 161 ft2 balcony

be in the Nature.

Beauty & Nature. Bright, light-flooded and stylish. The garden is based on organic farming, permaculture and health focused principles; chemical free and GMO free. You may feel the pure nature in AzoresCasaHawaii.

3.3 m x 4 m - 11 ft x 13 ft balcony glass wall


Perfectly suited and designed for a stay for a couples.

Luxury queen bed with a high quality mattress.

Azores Casa Hawaii is situated in Nordeste Pedreira, Sao Miguel Island, Azores; located on the rugged slopes of Saint Bartholomew, in the foothills of the ancient volcano of São Miguel Island.


The climate in Nordeste - Pedreira is a truly unique ‘micro climate’. The huge ocean to the North and East, the Gulf Stream, Saint Bartholomew’s mountain, and the wind channels all combine to create a diverse ‘micro climate’.


The whole accommodation makes you forget the daily routine and grounds you. Azores Casa Hawaii is perfect to switch off after a day of exploring and recharge your batteries.

A kitchen with all needed supplies.


Walk-in shower, 7 m2 - 75 ft2 luxory designed bathroom.


Home Office & Longer Stays

A lovely breakfast on the deck overlooking the bananas and mountains.

Organized Desk
Feel free to make your short/long term and/or home office booking & feel free to contact us for the home office & long stay plans. 
We look forward to welcoming you soon.#AzoresCasaHawaii
Tropical Leaves


"An amazing stay; at an amazing house... Couldn’t have asked for better! Everything was just perfect."

"Best place to stay in Sao Miguel"

"The best of the best!"




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