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Calm Sea

Azores Casa Harmony

The greenest, lushest, most isolated and untouched part of the Sao Miguel island.

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Azores Casa Harmony
in Nordeste, São Pedro de Nordestinho
free standing & detached

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Sunrise & passing boats & charming church & mountains & ocean views. Just to experience how the blue sky meets the ocean and the green nature.

Private garden

The Bright Sky

Beauty & Nature. Having a glass of wine and talking under the shining stars. Harmony, easy-goingness and open vibration.

Free parking 


A nice size of kitchen with stove and oven. A kitchen with all needed supplies. Interior & exterior table and chairs, patio, private garden.


The whole accommodation makes you forget the daily routine and grounds you. Azores Casa Harmony is perfect to switch off after a day of exploring the island and recharge your batteries.

Fresh towels. An interior bathroom, and an out-side shower, as a plus.

Feel free to make your short/long term booking & feel free to contact us. 
We look forward to welcoming you soon. AzoresCasaHarmony
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